Street Life

Over the last six months ive been spending time at the drop in centre in Totnes. Its a small shelter offering warmth, food and support to those who need it. I’ve met some amazing people through the shelter and spent time taking photos of life sleeping rough in Totnes as well as making a short film for their web site.

I got a real insight into whats sometimes behind the choice to sleep rough. Sometimes its not obvious at all. When I walk past people in the street its so easy to make a conclusion or a judgement. I hope the images go someway to helping us look deeper. To see the person.


Fairtrade Rwanda coffee plantations


Whilst I was out in Rwanda working on a series for the BBC about the mountain gorillas i had some time to drive up to Abakundakawa and shoot stills for the rwanda foundation. The foundation  works with a fairtrade coffee cooperative helping support the cooperative and the local community. The Rwanda foundation was set up in memory of a beautiful man, David Williamson, who was passionately involved with great coffee and fairtrade in his lifetime. The beans are of really high quality, washed and hand selected before roasting. I got to see the whole amazing process, meet some of the cooperative growers and really appreciate what makes a good cup of coffee and a fair income for the people growing it. You can go to their website to find out more about their brilliant work , about David, and see the rest of the stills.

Totnes Pride aftershow party, rocked our small market town with pride

Opening Night at Bread and Roses

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Arts center opening night

The big chill

Dartmoor in the snow last week, whilst up filming for Wild Night Run

Run Wild

Short funky sexy film featuring Ceri Rees founder of wild running, Dartmoor, snow, running, nighttime…

Breakthrough Artists gigging at Dartington

A gig of 12 breakthrough artists from around the UK at Dartington hall. Headlined by Ryan Keen. Some amazing talent.

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