Rwanda /Uganda travellog

In 2009 I went out to live in Rwanda and Uganda with my family to work on a film for the BBC about mountain gorillas. We spent four months out there with our boy finn who had his third birthday the day we arrived. In Uganda we lived near the Congo border in the Impenetrable forest in a small cozy house with no running water or electricity. The work was amazing and tough. Wed wake at about five am, and with a small team of trackers and scientists follow the trail to find where the gorillas were each day. Most days we were out climbing in thick undergrowth with filming kit for 10 hours.

In Rwanda we lived in a small town called Ruangari. Here the gorillas live on the slopes of steep volcanoes and the tracking was even tougher. We worked with scientists from the Dianne Fossey Trust and had some incredible experiences with the gorillas, the trackers, the vets and just living life in  a small rwandan town.


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